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With Swiss MICSI send or receive money online or from ANY mobile phone* in a easy and secure way.
* even without Internet enabled phone, simply using SMS or voice call.

Commodities Purchase

When you open SwissMICSI Currency Account, you will have the choice to also open a commodity account. At the moment a Gold commodity account is offered automatically. This account opening is provided for Free, as an Asset Protection and or for the convenience of rural and poor non-banked areas.

Precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum..., or other Commodities such as Sugar, Salt, Wheat, Beans, Dates..., our system has been designed to deal with any type of commodity.

SwissMICSI purchases as it's capital and stores a certain weight of selected commodities and makes it available for purchase to our users from any where in the world through the most basic GSM phone or via Internet. Ounce the minimum delivery weight is reached the user can ask for delivery or can get the commodity at the nearest storage point or can even use our Buy Back options.

What is Commodity Account?

What we mean by Commodity Account is not a deposit account but rather an Accounting Account. It is simply put, a track record of a commodity purchase from us, that you pay bit by bit until completion of payment of the minimum delivery weight of that commodity that you are buying from us. Through an automated and sophisticated system you can pay for your commodity bit by bit and each bit will get you the weight according to the current London Fix market price of that day, ensuring that you always get the best deal for your money.

At any time, before or after you have fully paid the Minimum Delivery weight, you can decide to sell it back to us (Sell commodity and Withdraw Money) or sell it to an other SwissMICSI user (transfer of commodity). Once you have fully paid the Minimum Delivery weight you can ask for delivery or you can collect the commodity at the nearest point of storage.

The first stock of commodity that SwissMICSI has prepared is the precious metal Gold. The Minimum Delivery weight is an ounce of Gold (A selection of 22 to 24 Carats Gold coins and or Small Ingots).

For any purchase above 1 Ounce (Oz) of Gold the user will have to be Verified and go through our Due Diligence process. Below an ounce of Gold, the purchase is made as easy as possible and no storage fee is charged. If you buy more than an Ounce of Gold from us then you will have to pay a Temporary Storage fee until you take delivery of your goods.

This is one of the services of SwissMICSI for the protection of user's asset and to open the possibility of buying Gold (or other commodities) to even the poorest among us.

Real Commodity, not paper!

We do not sell something that we don't have yet. All commodities made available to our users are already physically owned by our company as an Asset or Capital. Thus, we are making our commodity based Assets or Capital available for purchase to our users, we are not a Commodity Broker. We simply sell the products or commodities that we own, it is a commercial transaction.

Commodities Purchase bit by bit...

You can purchase commodity bit by bit. No need to prepare big amount of fund with us.
For example, you can buy just EUR 10 of Gold. And next time you can afford you can buy a little bit more. It's very simple, at any time you can buy, sell, transfer or receive a little bit of this commodity. This is somehow a Micro-Purchase of commodity but without paying for a high premium or high transaction fees as compared with the value of the purchase.

Barter Trading

When you have exchangeable commodity, you can deal with barter trading between users of SwissMICSI or in real using your delivered Gold coins. For example, you can pay, or receive Payments in Gold in exchange with an other commodity or any product and merchandise so long as you agree with your counter-part in this commercial deal..

Receive real One

When your commodity is enough to reach the Minimum Delivery weight, you can receive your commodity at any time. If your commodity is Gold, you will receive it in any of the available Gold Coins or ingot. Delivery and insurance fee will have to be paid by your good self.

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