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With Swiss MICSI send or receive money online or from ANY mobile phone* in a easy and secure way.
* even without Internet enabled phone, simply using SMS or voice call.

About our Secure OTP Token

OTP stands for One Time Password.
The OTP Token is a small electronic device that when you press it's round button will generate a new OTP number every minute.

Meaning that it is a password that can only be used one time and after that it becomes obsolete.
Also, each OTP has a limited life of 1 minute, if it is not used within that very minute it becomes expired.

Online Security

Once you have an OTP Token, even if your account access details are lost/stolen or hacked, money can not be moved out of your account if the online thief does not have your Token.
Outgoing transactions online will require a 2 factor authentication: (login & password) + Otp number.
The advantage of the OTP Token is that it is not connected to a computer or the Internet so there is no way it can be compromised from the Internet.

Mobile Phone Security

One key advantage of the OTP is that as a 6 digits number that expires after use and/or after one minute, it makes it as a non critical information, that can be sent in clear format over the GSM or Telecom networks.
So basically you can send an SMS or call to our server to do a transfer, without giving your real password, only typing the OTP number displayed on your Token at that specific moment.

Our server will recognize your mobile phone number (caller ID) and will check if the correct OTP number is used at the correct moment with the correct user phone number, and will then be able to accept or refuse the request accordingly.
At the end of the operation, you have done a transaction without giving away your login & password or any other critical information about your account.

Recommend to keep OTP Token

OTP Token is the way to ensure your security.
We strongly recommend you to keep this small device.
The fee is EUR 39.00 include shipping fee.

Please note that OTP Token will be issued only for Verified Users.

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