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With Swiss MICSI send or receive money online or from ANY mobile phone* in a easy and secure way.
* even without Internet enabled phone, simply using SMS or voice call.

Receive Payments

SwissMICSI offers a variety of ways in which you can receive money. You can use the Internal Transfer method, or you can use our Secure Payment Gateway (for Merchant Websites).

Internal Transfer

Any user can receive money from any other SwissMICSI user via Internal Transfer. Simply give your SwissMICSI registered Username or Phone Number or Email address to the other party who wants to send you money. And he or she will be able to instantly send you an Internal Transfer (from his SwissMICSI account to yours) from the Internet or from his Mobile Phone.

Secure Payment Gateway

SwissMICSI provides a Secure Payment Gateway for Merchants. It's Free to Open a Merchant account you just need to be a verified user and submit your merchant websites for validation.

When you install our payment gateway on your merchant website, your visitor will be sent to our Secure Payment Page for payment processing. He will be able to choose to login as a SwissMICSI user and confirm the payment (via Internal Transfer) or he can choose to pay you using his credit card and will be invited to become a SwissMICSI user. Once the payment is processed our Payment Gateway will send the transaction variables back to your website and will redirect the visitor to the confirmation URL that you would have specified. Email and SMS notification of the Transaction Status will be sent to each party for free.

If the client chooses to pay you by Internal Transfer then 1% + EUR 0.50 will be taken as Transaction fee from both sender and receiver. If the client chooses to pay by Credit Card then he will bear the Credit Card transaction fee as his payment will be a 2 in 1 payment process; First a deposit to his newly opened account via Credit Card (transaction fee is 2.9% + EUR 1), and then an Internal Transfer to the merchant account (transaction fee 1% + EUR 0.50 for both sides).

When using Credit Card for the first time:

To deter Credit Card fraud and keep our system safe and cost-effective, the customer who pays for the first time with his Credit Card will have his payment pending until his is Verified. The next time he wants to pay a merchant he can do a new deposit with his Credit Card and it will be automatically confirmed and then use the Internal Transfer method to pay any merchant instantly. The customer (who will by then be a SwissMICSI Verified User) will also be able to deposit money using other Deposit Methods available..

Recommended to be Verified User

SwissMICSI Secure Payment Gateway is offered only for Verified Users. Non Verified Users can't use this system and will not have access to Credit Card payments.

Please become Verified User as soon as possible. The procedure is Free.
The details are Here.

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