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With Swiss MICSI send or receive money online or from ANY mobile phone* in a easy and secure way.
* even without Internet enabled phone, simply using SMS or voice call.

Send Money

From your SwissMICSI Account, you can send money to any username, email or phone number. Anywhere in the world (except black listed countries). You can send Money from the Internet using “Secure Direct Online” or you can use your mobile phone via either “Secure Direct SMS” or “Telephone Direct” system.

Via Secure Direct Online

Secure Direct Online is a simple and intuitive Web Based Interface secured by SSL from where you can manage your account. Advanced functions and services can be applied for and setup using Secure Direct Online, such as Secure Payment Gateway (online merchant solution) and other payments tools to come.
More Details Here.

Via Secure Direct SMS

Secure Direct SMS is a suite of functions and commands that can be initiated from your Mobile phone using SMS and or USSD (Flash SMS). We constantly enhance our mobile interface and our security and fraud detection protocols to allow you to interact with your account via the GSM Network in the most simple and secure manner.
More Details are Here.

Via Telephone Direct

Telephone Direct is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu where you can browse and manage your account by listening to our Voice Menus and choosing the appropriate entries using your phone keypad. Just like many Phone Banking Systems, all data entered on your phone is transmitted via DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) which allow to protect sensitive entries such as PIN code etc. Additionally your voice maybe recorded and analyzed for additional security purpose..
More Details Here.

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